CADA Foundation
CADA is a platform whose main aim is to foster and facilitate for local artisans and suppliers becoming part of the local and global economy.

It aims to achieve, in a viral way, sustainable models from the environmental, social, and economic point of view based on a dialogue with the different communities’ artisan approach. CADA develops design strategies throughout the process, in the production and afterwards in the distribution chain.

The main goal is to achieve a local and global outreach without the loss of identity, helping to reinforce the communities while still achieving design’s main goal: providing a service.

Our story
CADA started off as one of my research practices in the fall of 2013. Shortly afterwards the main team of facilitators joined the venture.

The all of us collectively believed in the necessity of CADA as a hybrid shared space not only for documenting and exchanging knowledge but also for creating commercial paths for traditional culture.

Our mission

CADA proposes new ways of approximation with artisan communities, which are rich in ancient craft and tradition and yet are in danger of being vacuumed up by the nature of top down globalization.

It aims to desgin customized commercial paths to launch their artifacts locally and globally while documenting and learning from their expertise and experience in traditional culture. Oaxaca, Chiapas and Galicia are the focal points for the development of these projects.

CADA’s team is a group of Designers, Ethnographers, Anthropologists, and Artisans that hand in hand work to make this project a reality. With a creative mindset, high-level craftsmanship, and passion towards cultural heritage CADA grows everyday.

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