International Workshops
Development of  international projects involving students.

Development of long committed design projects
Creation of crafting solutions that stand the test of time, addressing evolving needs and challenges.

El Bulli  Elisava School of Design Challenge

The challenge of innovating through an experimental and intensive workshop with a team of students and teachers from different disciplines, creating imaginaries of what is to be the headquarters of the foundation led by Ferran Adrià in Cala Montjoi (Roses).

Experimental design process  with leading institutions : Fondazione BRUNO MUNARI

“Can this be done differently?” Experimenting is Bruno Munari’s verb; pushing the limit is like expanding one’s own world, expanding one’s vision through experimentation. Using the ‘Munari Method’ with students involves distilling everything to its essence through a silent revolution. The simplicity of it motivates us to change and evolve.

Design thesis work

Student design research projects based on sustainability, transparency, and future-oriented strategies.