Stephen Wolfram: mathematics and language as a time perception change


I am a Doctor in Social Design and member of the international GIS research group for Retail and Service Futures as part of the
DesignResearch Society (DRS) with 20 years of experience on leading team work based on design practice

My research and practice are guided by the commitment to the development and implementation of strategies, products, services and sustainable business models that support conditions for change and serve as vectors of transformation in underserved communities with the goal of fostering social inclusion through interactions between culture, commerce and identity within the global economy.

I have worked on projects developed with indigenous communities in the highlands of Mexico and searching the social and ecological impact of global industries and their back stage production, designing and implementing strategies where their production process and distribution chain shares the concern with stakeholders and the community. That was my biggest motivation to create the CADA foundation.

On a daily basis I work as a consultant and speaker for various institutions, local governments, foundations, academia and I am also a collaborator of UNESCO Chair for Sustainability in Barcelona.

A Conversation About Collaborative Social Design

Carmen Malvar and Marquise Stillwell moderated by Anita Cooney